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Renée Naturally

As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Western Medical Herbalist, Renée Leonard-Stainton is a well-respected practitioner and the creator of the popular wellness blog ‘Renée Naturally’ She specialises in offering her clients and some 25,000 social media followers a balanced and holistic approach to living a healthy life across all areas of their being, whether it be emotional, physical, green living, healthy eating, natural beauty, or holistic parenting. Her broad experience makes her a sought after Naturopathic advisor and brand ambassador across Australasia. With an extensive background in both the health and media industries, Renée regularly contributes to a variety of print magazines, online publications and celebrity websites. Renée is a regular on NZ TV screens, actively endorsing wellbeing products and featuring as an expert for health and lifestyle segments on radio and TV shows. Renée is also the mum of two young boys and has an interest in promoting healthy options for families.