Wound Care

Preventing and treating burns in the home

We need to think about protecting young and old from being burns all year round.

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Tips to Holistically Speed Up the Healing Time for Cuts

Cuts and wounds are a part of life, especially during childhood when falling from trees or tripping on concrete are a rite of passage.

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Wound care

We all have bacteria growing all over our skin. The skin is the first line of protection to keep the bacteria out of our bodies. When you get a cut ..

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Beating Blisters

We’re about to set off on another family hiking adventure.  For the last few summers we’ve done a multi-day hike somewhere around New Zealand enj..

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Wound Care – Cuts and Grazes

Skin is made up of different layers and substances which make it supple and tough and allow it to stretch. But sometimes skin is broken...

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