Heart Health


Veins are part of our cardiovascular system whose function it is to move blood and transport nutrients to the cells in our body.

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Blood Pressure

What exactly is it?Your heart is a pump. Imagine a water pump, pumping water through pipes, well it is very similar. Your heart pumps blood through ..

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Aspirin and a healthy heart

February is Heart Awareness month. Did you know that every 90 minutes, someone in New Zealand dies from heart disease and it is the leading cause of d..

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Smoking Cessation

Tobacco is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and more smokers die of cardiovascular disease than any other cause.

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Heart Disease

Heart disease covers any breakdown of normal heart function that affects its performance as a pump, supplying oxygen-rich blood...

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Around 70-80% of our cholesterol is made by our bodies, mainly by the liver, and the rest comes from dietary sources.

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