Change in COVID restrictions

The final COVID-19 mandates have now been removed, including mask wearing and isolating, which are no longer a legal requirement.

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Treatment for COVID-19

SPONSORED. You could be forgiven for thinking that COVID-19 is no longer a big deal, especially if you’re fully vaccinated.

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Antiviral Medicines for COVID

Covid antiviral medicines have been available in New Zealand for several months now, on prescription from your doctor. They have recently been recla..

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COVID and why vaccinate children

The usual back to school flurry includes getting clothes and books ready and finding the lunch box. This year there is also the consideration of mas..

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Do people still catch COVID if they are vaccinated?

First we need to understand how a vaccine works. Vaccination causes an immune response that improves your body’s ability to fight the virus.

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COVID Vaccines

Many people are asking about the COVID vaccines and are keen to understand how these work and if they are safe. First we need to understand t..

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Keep taking your medicine

Whilst we have now moved into Level 2 it is still important to continue to take your medication. This may seem a fairly obvious thing to tell..

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Practical Tips for Parents with Kids at Home

Parents are quite likely spending more one-on-one time with their kids than they ever have before, due to New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown. As a re..

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Please follow the latest updates on the Ministry of Health website. COVID-19 UPDATE New Zealand is the 48th country to have a confirme..

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