School holiday’s

This term is almost done and dusted. Good thing if you’re in Auckland? Less traffic on the road. Bad thing? Quelling a quiet sense of rising panic with the two thoughts that spring to mind – the first half of the year has evaporated on me, and looking at the second half – it’s the sharp end of education in this household.

Child number one is finishing Uni – so end of this semester after the grief of final hand ins, we’re attending a graduation and she’s off and into the work force.  Upcoming new life stage for #1.

Child number two is finishing school – so term 3 the last term for him at school, because term 4 is all about those final school exams. We’re Uni sorting as well ready for next year. Upcoming new life stage for #2.

Child number three is finishing intermediate year this year, getting ready for high school and…yes, a new life stage.

As for me? Well apart from dealing with all the new life stages unfolding for the young’uns and all that means, I’ve had a middle aged education moment myself. I’ve gone and enrolled in a post grad course with a focus on Public Health, starting semester 2. I’m both super excited and utterly petrified at the same time. Keen to apply some rigorous thinking and debate round what I know and find out a lot about what I don’t know! I want to be part of creating solutions for our country, and perhaps it’s time I added some letters after my name apart from RCpN to show I have some resolve there.  As a nurse back in the day and using my producer life in the last decade to focus on producing parenting content, often with a health focus ( shows you ‘a bit about Jude’ and my various projects over the years), I’ve always had a hankering to unravel the whys and wherefores of health and wellbeing.

So school holidays are on the horizon, and in this house at least I think we’ll all be making the most of them for blob factor as we all quietly know the term 3 pressure will be applied before we know it.