It’s one of those times as a parent you wish you could swap places with them-immunisation. Well I can only speak for myself.  With three children now 20, 17 and 13 I had a lull there for a while – early childhood pretty busy with the jabs, then I’ve got teenagers and there’s new immunisations to do.

And given I’m 50 at the end of the year, there’s the Zostivax vaccine on the horizon for me. I have friends who work in the health arena, so they line up for flu jabs (you can get those two done at the same time now) and of course if you are elderly, the flu jab is a wise move. My 92 year old dad just had his this week. If you have an older person you love and you want to help them through the winter, please get them along to their GP. An older person with a few health issues can very easily succumb to the flu and be in hospital quite ill with it.

Last year our oldest went off to the US for a Uni exchange and that was certainly an exercise in being a pin cushion before she went. In the US you must have a set of Meningococcal vaccines before they let you step foot on campus. Here of course all vaccines are voluntary and that’s a good thing I feel. It’s a parent’s right (or an individual) to make an informed choice for their child or themselves. However in NZ we have some pretty sad rates of illnesses for wee children over winter, so if you’re getting them vaccinated make a note to get them immunised on time. On the Raising Children site we have a short helpful video clip about the current schedule and what to expect, when.

Visit Raising Children for more.