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Mark Vette

Animal Behaviourist, Zoologist and Trainer

Mark Vette BSc, MSc (hons) is a world-renowned Animal Behaviourist, Zoologist and Trainer. He brings together a unique combination of academic studies with 40 years of clinical animal behaviour consulting and treatment, cementing him as New Zealand’s foremost expert on all things pets. Alongside his clinical work Mark has also led three TV shows and trained a variety of species for film and TV performances, including many Hollywood hits. Mark’s biggest passion is the critical role pets play in our families. When things go well, it's the most incredibly special relationship with huge health benefits for all involved. When things go awry, it can result in guilt, stress, frustration and even physical injury. Mark draws his deep love and understanding of animal behaviour into his expert training methods, which create countless transformations and help thousands of people build stress-free, joyful relationships with their pets. For more information on Mark’s online training courses, books and expert services, visit www.dogzen.com.

Articles by this Author

How To Introduce New Pets To Each Other

Welcoming a new pet into your family is an exciting time! But if you already have another pet at home, it’s important to be careful....

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How To Care For Your Senior Pet

As our beloved pets enter their golden years, it's essential to adapt our care strategies to meet their changing needs....

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Pet Hates

We adore our family pets, and it’s so easy to want to lavish them with a human kind of love - sometimes this hits the mark...

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What to do if you have a fearful dog

It can be very upsetting if you have a dog that’s fearful of people, other dogs, specific noises or particular experiences.

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How to Help Your Scaredy Cat

If your cat is fearful and anxious of many things and situations, here are a few tips to help you give them some peace and confidence.

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How to Raise a Relaxed Pet

Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys! And if you have a calm & happy companion it can allow you to feel more at ease and enjoy life.

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Using Other Dogs to Help Train Your Dog

Imagine how good it would be if your dog could train themselves…?! Not quite possible yet, however they CAN help train each other!

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How to Feel More Confident When Training Your Pup or Dog

Training a mischievous new puppy from scratch or trying to solve ingrained behavioural issues with an older dog can both feel overwhelming.

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How to keep your pets safe and calm in Guy Fawkes season

With Guy Fawkes season coming up, you may be feeling anxious about the impact it will have on your pet.

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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Bond with Your Pet

Building a strong bond with your pet is not only essential for their well-being, but also contributes greatly to our own happiness!

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The Importance of Play (For Your Pet AND You!)

As we become adults, we’re much less inclined to “play” as a general rule. Pets help us reconnect with that youthful playfulness...

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Why We Can't Treat Dogs Like Humans (Even Though They're Part of the Family!)

Dogs have undoubtedly earned their place as members of our families, and it’s natural to feel a strong emotional bond with our dogs.

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How pets can help with daily mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most transformative changes you can make in your life, and one unexpected source of mindful practice is our pets!

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How pets contribute to the health of the family (or otherwise!)

Pets are more than just companions, they are essential parts of the family and have the power to enhance our lives in numerous ways.

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