Type 2 Diabetes Xplained

Research has highlighted that Māori and Pasifika people have higher rates of diabetes in Aotearoa New Zealand. Māori with type 2 diabetes are 7 times higher than non-Māori to die from diabetes-related causes and it is predicted that 1 in 4 Pasifika people will have the condition within 20 years.*

Type 2 Diabetes has traditionally been a disease of middle-aged and older people related to excess weight, diet and lack of physical activity but, for genetic reasons, people of Māori, Pacific and South-Asian ethnicities are particularly at risk.

Whānau Health Diary talks to three people from South Auckland who themselves or a family member has Type 2.

Tawake Mosese – Has Type 2 Diabetes
Augustine Kopa – Has Type 2 Diabetes
Francis Mann – Has whānau living with Type 2 Diabetes

If you have Type 2 Diabetes you can get information to take responsibility and better manage it.

Learn more about how you can help whānau living with diabetes, and break the cycle by educating tamariki to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more about how to help control diabetes, visit type2diabetesxplained.co.nz and talk with your doctor.

Kia mōhio ai koe me pēhea te āwhina i te mate huka, tirohia te pae tukutuku type2diabetesxplained.co.nz, kōrero rānei ki tō tākuta.

* https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/news/2021/08/26/pharmac-launches-equity-campaign-for-m%C4%81ori-and-pasifika-with-type-2-diabetes/