ZoviraxCold Sore Cream

The dreaded tingle. As soon as you feel it you know a cold sore isn’t far away. A cold sore can make you feel incredibly self-conscious and might want to make you want to hide or do drastic things to hide it.

What is a cold sore?
Cold sores are caused by a form of the herpes virus called HSV-1. Around 76% of adults have been infected by the HSV-1 virus because it’s contagious, and it’s often contracted in early childhood. Once infected, the virus never leaves the body and for most people HSV-1 remains dormant throughout their lives – they may never even know they have the virus. But for about 1 in 3 people cold sores will be a recurring infection that is usually triggered by things like stress, fatigue and cold weather leading to dry, chapped lips. Left untreated a cold sore can last up to 8-10 days.

How to treat a cold sore
You might’ve tried treating a cold sore with a lip balm and it didn’t work. What you may not know is lip balms aren’t medicated for the treatment of cold sores and won’t treat the cause of the problem. However, there is an option that can treat the cause – Zovirax Cold Sore Cream. It’s uniquely formulated to maximise penetration of the anti-viral agent, to effectively fight the virus that causes cold sores at the site of the infection. With Zovirax cream healing time is halved.* Because Zovirax Cold Sore Cream delivers the ingredient, aciclovir, deep into your skin to fight the cold sore virus and is clinically proven to speed up the healing process.

Help Stop the spread
Cold sores are contagious, and can be spread through skin-to-skin contact. There are a few simple things you can do to help stop the spread and protect others:

  1. Don’t touch your cold sore – if you do wash your hands immediately
  2. Keep it clean – wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning
  3. No kissing – it can spread the virus to others
  4. Don’t share – things like towels, food, utensils, straws, cups and glasses, lipsticks and lip balms can all come into contact with your saliva carrying the virus
  5. Treat the tingle – as soon as you feel a cold sore coming on treat it
  6. Avoid the triggers – know your triggers and try your best to avoid them
  7. Take extra care – the HSV-1 virus is often first contracted during childhood. Take the same precautions with children as you do with other adults

Treat your cold sore with Zovirax as soon as you feel the tingle. Remember it’s a lot easier to treat the tingle than trying to hide a cold sore.

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*On average: compared with historical data for untreated cold sore

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