Thompson’s Junior ImmunofortChildren's immunity

With colder temperatures and shorter days, winter can really test your child’s immunity. With dry, chilly air helps bugs spread more easily. That’s why your child’s immune system needs to be fighting fit, ready to take on whatever winter brings.

A healthy immune system helps fight off all kinds of nasty pathogens. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent them coming into contact with various germs, which they’re continually exposed to, that’s just part of being a kid and in fact this exposure can help strengthen their immunity.

Prevention is the best approach
What you can do is give them the best chance to remain healthy. Basically, a child with a strong healthy immune system is better equipped to keep fit and well during winter ills and chills.

Good nutrition will support and help the maintenance of their immunity. Bad nutrition does the exact opposite and can have the reverse effect. While you may have the best intentions, understandably it’s not always easy to support their immunity through diet alone.

What to avoid:

  • too much sugar, which can reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells
  • processed foods, including some cereals
  • the wrong fats like those found in takeaways
  • fizzy drinks

While you may have the best intentions, understandably it’s not always easy strengthening their immunity through diet alone.

This is why Thompson’s developed Junior Immunofort, which has been specially formulated to support your child’s immune system. It also can help winter-proof them across the colder months when their immune system is often weaker than normal.

The Power of Five
Thompson’s has researched the five key pillars of children’s immunity and combined them all in a tasty, animal-shaped chewable. Each tablet contains:

  • Vitamins B, C, D, E to support healthy immune function
  • Minerals include calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron to support immune function, growth and development
  • Superfoods include spirulina, broccoli, fruit and wholefood concentrates for fussy eaters and to support a healthy immune system
  • Antioxidants include vitamin C, E, zinc and betacarotene
  • Nutrients include amino acids, lemon bioflavonoids for added immune support

So to help support your child’s immune system this winter, take a Thompson’s Junior Immunofort.

  • Children 2-5 years old: one tablet daily.
  • Children 6 and over: 1-2 tablets daily.

Available in pharmacies and health stores.

*IRI New Zealand Pharmacy Scan Sales MAT to 17/2/19.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Integria Healthcare (New Zealand) Ltd, Auckland. TAPS NA10911