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Is Your Asthma Under Control?
You might not realise how asthma is affecting your life. You may have put up with the symptoms for so long that you think feeling out of breath now and then is “just normal”. Imagine being able to breathe easier. You don’t have to feel out of breath. Find out if your asthma could be better by taking the Asthma Control Test online.

What is the Asthma Control Test?
It is 5 simple questions used to assess whether your asthma could be better. The test was developed by medical experts who specialise in asthma research. Hundreds of people suffering from asthma have already taken the test to see if their asthma could be better.

The test only takes a few minutes but could help you to breathe easier.

Take the Test

Help a Friend or Family Member
If you’ve noticed a friend or family member who’s sometimes short of breath, encourage them to take the Asthma Control Test. They might not realise they’ve been putting up with asthma symptoms when they don’t have to.

Asthma in Children
If you have a child who’s struggling with their asthma there’s a test specifically designed for children, which the child and parent can do together.

Managing Asthma
Remember asthma is a common disease that can be managed. If you or someone you know has asthma that could be better, take the test. It is recommended that you take it regularly, as your symptoms can vary from month to month.

Discuss your Asthma Control Test score with your doctor. They can then advise you on which treatment option is best for you.


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The Asthma Control Test is only a guide on asthma. After you have done the Asthma Control Test discuss your results with your doctor. GSK NZ Limited, Auckland. TAPS NA10021/18MY/RESP/0004/18f