RemifeminMenopause support

The natural option for menopause

If you’ve been feeling hot and bothered lately you might be in the early stages of menopause without even realising. At this point you have a few options to help your body adjust to all the changes it’s going through – we recommend natural menopause support.

What is perimenopause?
It translates as “around menopause” and is the stage in a woman’s life when her body transitions towards menopause and usually happens in the mid 40s. However it can begin as early as the mid 30s.

What is menopause?
You are considered to be “officially” in menopause when you have experienced a 12 months without a period. The ovaries stop producing eggs and menstruation stops, and is considered the end stage of a natural transition in a woman’s reproductive life. It’s at this point that the body’s oestrogen and progesterone production decrease dramatically.

Don’t put up with symptoms
You have a few options to help your body adjust to all the changes it’s going through. Rather than opting for a trip to the doctor’s, you could try natural menopause support. Researched thoroughly, Remifemin has a unique formula that’s 100% natural. That’s why it’s been used by millions of women all over the world for over 60 years.

Remifemin, naturally
If you feel like you could be in the early stages of menopause, or in other words perimenopause, you don’t need to put up with feeling miserable. Get Remifemin, natural menopause support.

Always read the label. Use as directed.  If symptoms continue see your Doctor. TAPS NA8291