Mucinex Maximum StrengthChesty Cough

Why does a chesty cough linger?
Winter colds and flu bring a range of unpleasant symptoms. None can be as hard to get rid of as a phlegmy, chesty cough, which as you know can linger.

With a chesty cough the mucus may come from the back of your throat, nose, sinuses or up from your lungs and often goes hand in hand with a cold or flu. Whereas a dry cough doesn’t produce mucus and is often a hacking cough that may develop at the end of a cold.1

That’s why with a chesty cough the treatment needs to both thin and loosen mucus in the chest to help clear the airways and relieve symptoms.

Cough tablets or cough liquids?
The most common way to relieve a chesty cough and congestion is with a liquid. However, it might not be the most convenient.

If you’ve tried to clear chest congestion with a liquid, you’ll know the routine. You may need to take it multiple times during the day, especially when symptoms persist. But when life is busy, this can be a hassle.

Also, liquids are not easily portable and you need to ensure you have the correct measuring cup or device to measure the correct dose every time.

We recommend a more convenient way to deal with a chest congestion: Mucinex Maximum Strength cough tablets.

Convenient 12-hour relief in a tablet
Just one tablet helps ease a chesty cough for 12 hours. And it works fast. The benefit is you can get on with your day without having to worry about having to take another dose.

How does it work? It’s a unique bi-layer tablet with an immediate-release layer to help ease chest congestion quickly, and an extended-release layer that provides long-lasting relief.

Mucinex Maximum Strength benefits

  • Fast acting
  • 12-hours uninterrupted relief
  • More convenient than cough liquids

Only available at your pharmacy.

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Mucinex Maximum Strength; for the relief of chest congestion. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare professional. Ask your doctor before use if you are taking any other medicines. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland. 0800 40 30 30. TAPS DA 1957JT