LabixtenAllergy Treatment

If you get allergies you’ll know how frustrating they can be – watery eyes1, a runny nose1 and itchy skin1 can really stop you in your tracks.

Equally frustrating can be trying to find an allergy treatment that provides the relief you need to get out and enjoy life. There’s just so much to choose from. Some options work quickly, others last for 24 hours, and a couple even leave you feeling drowsy.

That’s why we recommend trying new Labixten – an effective allergy treatment that helps you to fight the battle against allergies. Labixten has helped relieve symptoms for allergy sufferers around the world2 and is now available in New Zealand for the first time.

What is Labixten?
Labixten is a new, non-sedating antihistamine that provides fast-acting relief that lasts throughout day and night3.

Just one tablet daily relieves:

  • Hayfever3
  • Allergy
  • Itchy Skin Rash3
  • Hives3

Labixten Benefits

So if you want to win the battle against allergies Try Labixten. It’s new in New Zealand and only available at your pharmacy.

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