Life’s so good without psoriasis

Anyone dealing with psoriasis knows the challenge of managing it, how dramatically it affects your life when it’s out of control and the ups and downs of trial and error with treatment.  But don’t give up hope if you think you’ve tried everything to get it under control, there’s a simple treatment that sorts the body and the scalp¹. And, you only apply it once a day.¹

Most creams and ointments for psoriasis must be applied repeatedly, can be sticky or greasy and take a long time to dry. They can impact your busy mornings when trying to get ready, your laundry chores as they can mark your clothes and linen and your desire to keep up your treatment.

Even in between flare-ups, maintenance treatment is usually needed to keep the red, inflamed skin from coming back. Without it, in most cases it does come back – angry, itchy and difficult to cover up. So the endless cycle from clear and flair up continues.

If you’re familiar with this routine, there is hope. Did you know there’s a fully-funded treatment that could be different to anything you’ve tried before?

Daivobet® 50/500 gel is a simple way to treat psoriasis with faster, once daily application². When a flare-up happens, you only need to apply it once a day and most people see improvement in skin symptoms within two weeks².

Using the right amount of gel is important to helping you achieve clearer skin. Talk to your doctor about how much Daivobet® 50/500 gel you should use for your psoriasis.

Scalp psoriasis usually affects the back of the head, but can impact other parts of the scalp. It’s characterised by red thickened skin covered with thick silvery-white scales and can occur with any other form of psoriasis, but also in isolation.

Daivobet® 50/500 gel is especially useful on scalps³, as lotions and creams can be messy to apply on hair.


  • Only once-a-day application¹
  • Easy to apply on body and scalp²
  • No greasy residue and doesn’t become clumpy
  • Works fast – most see improvements within 2 weeks²
  • Fully funded

Daivobet® 50/500 gel
Ask your doctor about fully funded Daivobet® Gel.

For more info visit daivobet.co.nz

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Daivobet® 50/500 gel is a Prescription Medicine for the treatment of psoriasis. Daivobet® 50/500 gel is fully funded.  Normal doctor’s visit fees apply. Daivobet® 50/500 gel has risks and benefits. Do not use in calcium metabolism disorders, viral or fungal conditions of the skin, exfoliative & pustular psoriasis and severe kidney or liver disorders, children under 18 years old. Precautions: Avoid treatment of more than 30% of body surface, pregnancy, lactation. Adverse Reactions: Itching, burning sensation of the skin, sensitivity to light, contact dermatitis, skin atrophy after prolonged use. Contains Calcipotriol 50 microgram/g Betamethasone as dipropionate 500 microgram/g. Read the label and use strictly as directed.  If symptoms persist see your doctor. See www.medsafe.govt.nz for further details in the Consumer Medicine Information. Daivobet®, LEO and LEO/lion device are registered trademarks of LEO Pharma A/S. LEO Pharma Limited, Level 31, Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street Auckland, New Zealand. Copyright © 2018 TAPS NA10200. MAT 18081. Prepared June 2018.