Don’t worry, be happy. Yeah right…

Many people experience anxiety over certain things; health, finances, what other people think of you. However, there is a difference between appropriate concern and worrying. Concern is associated with action, worry is a never ending cycle with no apparent outcome, taking you nowhere.

Every worry thought takes you spiraling into imagined scenarios of absolutely terrible events. That you will never, manage and you will lose control. The final outcome will be disastrous.

But!!! Remember all of these thoughts are based on “predictions & assumptions” created by your imagination.

Worry changes nothing, only action will change things

However, what worry can create; ulcers, stomach and bowel problems, muscle tension, depression, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, concentration difficulties, irritability and anxiety.

Yes an enormous list of health issues, without a solution in sight. Yet people just keep on worrying, there are genetic and environmental (learning) reasons why worry has such a hold on so many people.

Worry Beliefs, Myths & Fairytales
However, there are a lot of reasons WHY people continue to worry and are not prepared to give up worrying.

Worrying, is a superstitious belief system. Worriers worry that if they stop worrying this will ensure that something bad will happen.

A client of mine, was worrying about her teenage daughter going out in a car with boys to a party. When I asked her the purpose of her worrying she stated;

“Someone in this family has to worry. God knows what would happen if I didn’t worry, the whole family would fall apart. It’s not that I want to do the worrying, but somebody has to!”

When worry and the universe collide, by coincidence, and the feared event happens, the reason to worry is reinforced.

For the worrier, there is always something to worry about, and if there isn’t, the worrier will create something to worry about. For instance; they will worry about how much they are worrying and, if they’re not worrying, they worry about having forgotten something that they should be worrying about! Whew!

Now, what was that you were worried about?